Unmanned Tactical Systems

We can meet ANY Unmanned Requirement

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Remote Motorcycles

  • 125cc or comparable powerplant

  • Capability to drive on improved & semi-improved surfaces, gravel, small rocks and grass areas

  • Maneuverable at speeds between 0-25 MPH

  • IR forward facing camera allow for night driving

  • Operations in a board range of environmental conditions including rain and light snow


Unmanned Ground Systems

  • 10 Miles Line of Sight

  • Map Trackable

  • Video Feedback with Record Capability

  • Simultaneous Operations

    • two or more vehicles at once

  • Night Operations Capable

    • Remote On/Off Headlights

    • Low Light Camera

  • Speeds are Variable

  • Capable of on/off road use

  • All Weather Operations

  • Towing and Pushing Capable

    • Trailers, Vehicles, etc

RAMM Collage no words.png

Remote Autonomous Mobile Mark

  • Remote Operated 6+ Miles Away

  • Speeds up to 12 MPH/19 KPH

  • Map Position capable

  • Video Feedback and Recording 

  • Options:

    • Full Autonomous​

    • Articulating Arms and Head

    • Laser/Paintball Return Fire

    • Reactive Target/Start/Drop/Start

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Unmanned Surface Systems

Coastal Defense Inc. can install our remote control systems into a variety of surface vessels for operations at sea. Our surface vessels can be used to conduct security operations in harbors, rivers, inter-coastal and coastal water ways. These vessels can also be used for:


  •        Anti-Piracy

  •        Ship Security Exercises

  •        High Speed Moving Targets

  •        Counter-High Speed Attack

  •        Conduct Security Operations