Coastal Defense Inc. consists of experts in aerial integration and close air support providing the latest Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) to incorporate CCAS/ISR with video downlink systems into tactical operations. Our team's firsthand knowledge and prior work experience seamlessly fills the gap left by otherwise unavailable and limited assets. We have an excellent working relationship with the military, government agencies, and law enforcement allowing us to give realistic support with CCAS capabilities. Our team's capability is enhanced through years of real world experience in support of the National Command Authority, Joint Unmanned Aerial Systems Center of Excellence, and countless live fire exercises. We provide a group of professionals with a depth and breadth of expertise that can address all CCAS/ISR needs; meeting all communications requirements, sensor capabilities, and tactical sensor requirements necessary to meet a variety of mission needs.


  • Aircraft capable of day, night, and IFR operations

  • CCAS able to replicate Predator/Reaper UAS operations

  • Selectable tactical Sensor Overlays: able to replicate Predator, Reaper, Lightning Pod, and AT-FLIR

  • Sensor: Star SAFIRE 380-HD

  • Sensor: EO/IR/LLTV(day/night)

  • Sensor able to acquire and identify contacts and targets from above 15K Feet MSL and out to slant ranges of 30K Feet and beyond

  • Video Down Link: C, L, and S Band Video Transmissions(1700-4999 MHz)

  • Video Down Link: MVR IV/ROVER compatible

  • Internet Chat to replicate true Predator operations

  • Beyond Line of Site Streaming Video

  • Proprietary video down link antenna system capable of ship borne/long distance integration/activities


  • Sensor operators, pilots, and ground liaisons have recent OIF/OEF operational experience with both conventional and Special Operations forces, to include TIER 1 operational experience.

  • Pilots: Experienced weapons and tactics instructor, pilot of CAS aircraft, and/or qualified JTAC-Instructor(JTAC-1)

  • Sensor Operators: Experienced JTAC-I and/or Air to Ground SME;JTAC Type 2 and 3 close air support facilitation

  • Ground Liaison: Strong military experience with a joint Fires, UAS, CAS, JTAC-1/E background. Experienced in full mission profile scenario development. Experienced in operating/instructing FMV receivers training to mitigate risk and increase mission success.