Tactical Training


JTAC Training

Coastal Defense Inc. provides comprehensive on and off site training and support on all systems. Classes include but are not limited to:

  • FMV training

  • Emergency Close Air Support training

  • JTAC Instructors

  • JTAC Evaluators

  • Turnkey training solutions

  • Communications equipment training

  • Specialized CAS training available upon request

JTAC Program Management

Coastal Defense Inc.’s Air 2 Ground (A2G) Division has the experience to rapidly jump start your program to an advanced level; by incorporating web based training, experienced instructor base for hands on application in the air to ground mission, tracking focal point, and the elimination of the duplicate effort at the unit level.

Our experience comes from running JTAC programs in AFSOC Special Tactics Group/Special Tactics Squadrons, which has its foundation at the USAF Weapons School and in SOF centric ASOS Squadrons. In STS and ASOS, the JTAC mission absorbs the greatest amount of resources (time and money) than any other METL.

With years of real world experience comes years of knowledge and familiarity with all aspects of managing a successful JTAC program. Sustaining a hugely successful JTAC program is very costly. Due to the dangerous nature of the mission, training costs, military impact and political impact, there is no room for error.

So, whether you are in need of a turnkey JTAC program, CAS aircraft for currency requirements, or just Surrogate UAS (SUAS) support for your training or Field Training Exercise (FTX), Coastal Defense Inc will provide you with the desired level of training required to meet your mission needs.


  • Web Based JTAC Program Management

  • Instructor Support

  • State of the art CAS/UAS Platforms

  • UAS Support (VDL)

  • Commercial CCAS

  • ISR (FMV, VDL)

  • Mobile Tactical Operations Center (TOC)