03 Aug 2010 New VDL sytem (MVR IV) wins side by side USSOCOM Evaluation


Coastal Defense INC. supports deployed troops with high tech light weight Full motion video equipment to replace legacy systems. The old systems were heavy, battery intensive, and required multiple cables. After USSOCOM conducted realistic field testing the decision was made to purchase the MVR IV as the immediate fix to help eliminate Fratricide and limit collateral damage during US and NATO air strikes.

Coastal Defense Inc participates in the Joint Interoperability Test Commands (JITC) assessment of handheld Video Displays (ROVER, MVR systems). The purpose of the test was to evaluate four Handheld Video Display systems. The test was conducted using six Special Operations Forces (SOF) operators performing the assessment while receiving video feed from an MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle. Data was collected by JITC and the USASOC Test and Evaluation Directorate. The test was conducted at Nellis AFB, Nevada from 1-5 Feb 2010. This test was one of the first tests that Coastal Defense Inc participated in that allowed for a side by side comparison along with direct operators input. Every evaluators chose the MVR IV based on operations, ease of use, size, weight, and interoperability with current and legacy systems. In one operators report “I would buy this with my own money. This device will allow even the basic operator, who are not the most technologically savvy, the ability to enhance their war fighting capability. It is not an intimidating device to operate, extremely intuitive, and fully capable for today’s fight!” Currently Coastal Defense has delivered over 350 MVR’s to the US military. The MVR IV rated as the top system in the evaluation and the test results are available for “official use”. USSOC has purchase 253 units since the evaluation with future orders expected based on all the positive feedback from the field.