Epa Mitigation Program


Growing environmental awareness, our vulnerability to unexpected supply of foreign petroleum and more stringent regulations regarding petroleum product use have spurred renewed interest in vegetable oil lubricants. Vegetable oils are obtained from renewable resources and are biodegradable.
We currently use this bio-based formula which has combined stabilized High Oleic Based Stock (agricultural vegetable oils) with synthetic based stock which results in an inherently bio-degradable product. We purchase these lubricant products from Renewable Lubricants Inc. Their website is www.renewablelube.com and phone number is (330) 877-9982.
Renewable Lubricants is providing these bio-based products for many government and commercial markets. The Government agencies that are purchasing these products include: US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Interior (DOI), Department of Energy (DOE), US Navy, US Coast Guard and the US Air Force to name a few.
Renewable Lubricants’ Bio-based Products are environmentally responsible lubricants that are formulated from renewable agricultural resources. They should be used where low toxicity and biodegradability properties are required.

Coastal Defense Program:

Coastal Defense Inc. (CDI) modifies full size 4 x 4 ground vehicles into an unmanned remotely controlled ground target (UGT) that can be used as moving targets that would greatly improve the ground and air units targeting capabilities. Units can test their TTP’s, minimum safe distances and collateral damage assessment prior to deploying. The below activities are performed by CDI to lessen the environmental impact.

1. 5 Gallons or less of unleaded fuel (Based on operational requirements)
2. Remove Freon with recycle system
3. Replace fluids with biodegradable safe fluids

  • Motor Oil (Material Safety Data Sheet available)

  • Power Steering (Material Safety Data Sheet available)

  • Gear Oil (Material Safety Data Sheet available)

  • Transmission Oil (Material Safety Data Sheet available)

  • Antifreeze and or water

4. Operate only in designated areas and established roads
5. Remove vehicles/trailers as required and if allowed by range officials

As stated above if a vehicle becomes non-operational during the course of the exercise CDI will be responsible to remove all UGT from the range complex, if permission is given to enter the impact area. CDI will also have two remote control operators (drivers) on site, with a combined 17 years of experience, one vehicle mechanic and a site supervisor. We use several techniques to de-spec (making laser safe) our vehicles and to mitigate the environmental impact on the range complex.

  • De-Spec Techniques:

  • Paint or remove any reflective surfaces

  • Remove all mirrors

  • Remove all glass

  • Remove all lights (if required)

The use of biodegradable fluids, and plus the other activities that we perform to lessen the environmental impact, CDI believes that it has established a credible mitigation program.